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Kashmir Martyrs Day

The history of Indian occupied Kashmir is full of stories of oppression perpetrated by Indian troops. As a result, thousands of Kashmiri Muslims have lost their lives so far, thousands of mothers and sisters were dishonored and young men were martyred.
Unfortunately, the United Nations and the international community have never taken concrete steps on this whole situation and have remained silent spectators after witnessing the massacre of Muslims.
On July 13, 1931, Kashmir witnessed another story of oppression. This day is observed as Kashmir Martyrs’ Day. It was the beginning of Kashmir’s freedom struggle when the persecution by Dogra Maharaja Hari Singh reached its peak. Kashmir Martyrs’ Day has been commemorated annually to mark the incident when 22 Kashmiris were martyred in their attempts to complete the call for prayer outside the Srinagar Central jail by soldiers of Dogra ruler Maharaja Hari Singh.
The present rulers of India are even worse than the Maharaja Dogra. The incumbent rulers are oppressing the Kashmiri Muslims in the name of democracy. Kashmiris as well as the rest of the world observe the day with a pledge to continue their struggle for the achievement of their birthright to self-determination and freedom.
After the abrogation of Article 370, the BJP dropped Kashmir Martyrs’ Day from its list of public holidays for 2020. Saffron Hindus in India are asking the Modi government to declare September 23 as a holiday on the birth anniversary of Maharaja Hari Singh.
The development is aimed at derogating the long struggle of the Kashmiris for freedom that has withstood decades of suppression. Since the lockdown on August 5, 2019 Indian security forces have become even more inhumane.
The Modi-led BJP government has attempted to change the demography of IOJ&K through ‘constitutional terrorism’. Under the new law, India has issued domicile certificates to 32,000 outsiders since May 11. This induced many reckless actions including the frequent unprovoked violations on the LoC to divert public attention.
The Kashmiris’ spirits cannot be dampened through repressive tactics by Indian brute forces. Kashmiris are determined and destined to achieve freedom from the oppressor.
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