Karachi students introduce mind-controlled prosthetic arm

KARACHI: Students in Karachi have introduced mind-controlled prosthetic arms as part of their final year project to help disabled persons.

The innovation definitely adds positively to the prosthetics industry in Pakistan, since mind-controlled prosthetics are still in prototype form and are yet to be introduced internationally.

Talking to M.M News, Osama Saeed, one of the students, said that the arm is “triple movement,” which means a person can open and close their wrists, type, and lift objects too, just like human hands. According to the students, the currently available prosthetics are “single movement” and only enable them to open and close their hands.

“The innovative prosthetic arm functions as per the wearer’s brain signals, whether the person is thinking of opening the wrist or closing it or typing. Each prosthetic has unique features as per the classification of the person wearing it,” Osama added.

Another student Bilal said, “We have installed separate motors for every single finger so that it can be move easily. The arm operates through battery, which duration is almost a day.” The young innovators said that they have successfully tested the prosthetic arm by having various patients use it and making them do various tasks successfully.