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JIT report finds Uzair Baloch involved in espionage activities

KARACHI: The Joint Investigation Team (JIT) members unanimously declared accused, Sardar Uzair Jan son of Falz Muhammad (late) as “BLACK” in the light of his criminal history in which he has disclosed his involvement.
“It is strongly recommended that the accused be tried under Pakistan Army Act for his involvement in espionage activities which falls under Official Secret Act 1923”, the JIT said.
A fresh FIR may also be registered against the accused regarding possession of illegal weapons and explosives. However, “there are certain offenses which need further probe as and when fresh incriminating evidence conies to the forth”, it added.
Furthermore, SSPs of the concerned Districts & SSP investigations in Karachi’s East, West 1 Central and South Zones may be directed to initiate criminal proceedings against the accused.
The investigators suggested that the accused be re-arrested according to law and submit the challans of the cases in the concerned courts and handover his custody to the concerned authorities.
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As per the report accused Uzair Baloch has confessed his involvement in certain cases “where he has committed crimes which are cognizable before NAB, FIA and Anti Encroachment Cell”. Therefore, he along with co-accused persons be handed over to the above-mentioned authorities lot initiating legal action, the investigators suggested.
In the light of disclosures made by the accused JIT has found the following:
Accused along with his gangsters is involved in a large number of murders, target killings of his rival and innocent citizens including ethnic and politically motivated killings.
The JIT report said, “Accused is guilty of murdering of the several police, Rangers officials, attacking police stations and damaging government property”.
The JIT report disclosed that the accused has a large number of assets, managed through black money both in Pakistan and Dubai, adding that he laundered huge amounts through his persons and has disclosed his illegal assets abroad.
The report also said the accused has illegal documents of Iranian nationality and is involved in illegal purchase of weapons and explosives through various means. Baloch further disclosed that the weapons and explosives were concealed by him at different places.
“Few weapons and explosive material have been recovered on his pagination; case registered to vide FIR No 67/2016 PS Nabi Bux”, the JIT report said.
“Accused under the cover of People Amman Committee (PAC) made Lyari his own state and put entire city in a state of fear where none was feeling safe especially in and around Lyari”, the JIT report added.
The investigators said that the accused has also been found involved in heinous crimes like extortion, land grabbing, china cutting and narcotics trafficking.
Baloch had found in espionage activities by providing secret information/ sketches regarding army installations and officials to foreign agents (Iranian intelligence Officers) what is a violation of the Official Secret Act 1923, the report read.
According to the report, Uzair Baloch confessed to killing 198 people during gang wars and ethnic conflicts in the province. The investigators also listed names of Uzair Baloch’s family members, as well as exposed his accomplices who had carried out inhumane crimes.

The names of Habib Jan Baloch, Habib Hasan, Noor Muhammad alias Baba Ladla, also known as Lyari gang war commander, and dozens of others were also mentioned in the JIT report.

The JIT report revealed that seven-station house officers (SHOs) had been appointed in police stations on the basis of Baloch’s political influences in order to establish an organized network of criminals in Lyari.
In 2019, Iqbal Bhatti had been appointed as Town Police Office (TPO) Lyari by Uzair Baloch, whereas, Muhammad Raisi had been given charge of Lyari administrator in the same year.
The JIT report also revealed the purchase of various weapons between 2008 and 2013, as well as his implication in the targeted killing of several people.
The report stated that the extortion money worth million was sent to a foreign country on a monthly basis despite Baloch fleeing from Pakistan during wide-scale operation initiated in Karachi.
More than 20 accomplices of Uzair Baloch are listed in the JIT report which also mentioned a 16-member squad of the Lyari gang war criminal.
It was also disclosed that the accused involved in several heinous crimes, including target killing, drug dealing, the illegal business of weapons, land grabbing, extortion and other criminal activities.
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