Islamabad Model Town housing society illegally sell plots

ISLAMABAD: The administration of Model Town housing society has sold numerous residential and commercial plots illegally, depriving citizens and Overseas Pakistanis millions of rupees.

The Model Town Housing Society is located in Malot and Pindh Begwal located on Simly Dam road in the rural area of Islamabad but falls with the limits of Capital Development Authority (CDA). The project is overseen by a private limited company led by directors Malik Tahir and Naveed Emad.

The housing society has got 423-kanal road layout plan (LOP) approved without following the necessary regulations, while the CDA has yet to issue the No Objection Certificate (NOC). Environmental concerns over the provision of water and sewerage lines have also been negated.

As per CDA by-laws, any road more than 100-feet-long cannot be approved, however, CDA director Rashid Chohan gave the approval by showing a nearby village’s route as part of the housing society. The aim is to sell the lands at higher prices to adjoining Park View Society which showed no interest.

After failing to sell the lands to the Park View society, the Model Town housing society resorted to extensive marketing particularly on social media to target citizens within the country and abroad and sold several plots. The CDA gave them an opportunity to sell these plots to Overseas Pakistanis by show the layout plan and attract investment.

CDA Director Rashid Chohan, who doesn’t enjoy a credible reputation, made a deal with Model Town and Park View Society for the sale of lands so the project can be sold at higher rates. He also attempted to receive massive kickbacks but investors did not show interest due to the coronavirus pandemic and adverse economic situation.

The administration of Model Town had purchased the land on ‘benami’ accounts and attempted to sell to Park View Society. After the offer was rebuffed, it marketed the plot to Overseas Pakistani and embezzled millions of rupees in illegal allotments.

Islamabad Model Town director Malik Tahir was a lower-grade employee of the KRL and served in the KRL Cooperative Society’s administration without honorarium, while Naveed Emad worked as a tax consultant.

Both have amassed vast amounts of properties and assets in the names of their front men and relatives, while Malik Tahir had investments in a housing society in Multan. The partners have embezzled vast amounts due to the illegal sale of plots while no action has been taken against fraudulent activities.