Imran Abbas praises acting skills of Ayeza Khan

Imran Abbas praises acting skills of Ayeza Khan
KARACHI: Pakistani actor and former model Imran Abbas on Monday has praised the acting skills of co-star Ayeza Khan and termed her one of the most polished actresses in the drama industry.
Imran Abbas took to social media and shared an adorable picture with Ayeza Khan sitting on the stairs, he said, “Be it TUM KON PIYA, MUHABBAT TUM SE NAFRAT HAI, KOI CHAND RAKH or THORA SA HAQ, you are my most favourite costar Ayeza Khan.
He further said, “One more project wrapping up with lots of laughters, giggles and pranks and I have the same words for you, yes you really are one the most refined actress, blessed with immense talent and grace, “May Allah bless you more and more and more.”

Earlier on January 12, Eshal Fayaz had slammed the rumours regarding her marriage with renowned writer Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar. She released a video to clarify the nature of her relationship with the writer of drama “Mere Paas Tum Ho.”

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