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Imported government

Haleem Adil Shaikh

The writer is PTI Sindh Vice-President.

Imran Khan, the chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, has worked on a number of public welfare projects during his tenure, the benefits of which would go a long way for the nation. But one of the major benefits is that he has created an emotional atmosphere among the people against Sharifs and Zardari.

Who says that Imran Khan has failed to get the looted wealth of the country from the Sharifs and Zardaris? By exposing these looters, the constant criticism has turned this looted wealth into a nightmare for themselves. The politics by these two big families and their followers had completely emptied the national treasure and deteriorated the economy.

How could it be possible to run the country with 22-million people in such a situation? It was Khan’s deed that despite the coronavirus pandemic and the severe wave of inflation all over the world, attempts were made to impose a minimum burden on the people. But during this time Imran Khan did not leave the looters of the country even for a moment.

Admittedly, no punishment could be inflicted on them, but these rulers, wherever they go today, are being criticized by the Pakistani people. Not only them but their children too are being punished for the sins they have not committed. This is Imran Khan’s deed which has made him the Prime Minister of hearts. And since the day Khan’s government came to an end, the people of this country, especially the youth and women have been in a state of shock.

At present Imran Khan has brought out a flood of people from the historic public gatherings of Peshawar, Karachi and Lahore. He has turned the tide of national politics. Not only in Pakistan but in dozens of countries, millions of people have come out of their homes in support of Imran Khan and against the imported government.

The whole world has been in a state of hegemony since the departure of Imran Khan’s government. On the other hand, the path taken by the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) was a very difficult decision. Leaving the field open to the coalition government after resigning in the assemblies was by no means an easy decision.

The demonstrations that took place on the same night after the departure of Imran Khan’s government probably encouraged him to take a big step and helped him in his decision to leave the assemblies and go to public. No such immediate reaction has been seen in the past. Even before this, in the political history of the country, joint efforts have been made to oust the elected Prime Minister. This time around, however, the statement of neutrality is significant.

The people have not come out like this in the past and there will be many other reasons for this. The march from Islamabad to Lahore by Nawaz Sharif had some reaction but it is a development to hold demonstrations like this automatically. PTI captain Imran Khan always taught the workers by his actions that no one has a way back and steadfastness can always lead to victory.

Imran Khan’s speeches have a special message for the nation that is why the former premier has now a special vote bank in which there are people who have never been to the polling station before 2013, the young boys and girls who were not interested in are now attracted because of Imran Khan.

The captain had taken extraordinary measures for the betterment of the country. In connection with measures for poverty alleviation, the Prime Minister announced 115 policy plans through a 31-point agenda under the Ehsaas program. These projects included the provision of Assets, interest-free loans and skills development as well as an important scheme of Shelter Homes for poor in Islamabad, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and a few cities in the Punjab Province.

But now it seems that the present imported government may be in the mood to end all these projects. Perhaps the people of this country and all over the world will not allow this joint government of Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) to do so because the people have decided to send this imported government home as soon as possible.

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