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If people don’t take a stand Pakistan’s situation will worsen: Imran Khan

If people do not take stand then the situation of the country will get worse, Imran Khan (File photo)

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has said that the current situation in Pakistan would worsen if the people did not take a stand.

Addressing the Lahore High Court Bar, Chairman PTI Imran Khan said that Pakistan is not the first country where the US has conspired to change the prime minister and the government. “If we do not take a stand then this will continue to happen”, he warned.

The PTI chairman said that he was told that the no-confidence motion should have been accepted constitutionally. There was a conspiracy against Pakistan and there was talk of removing Imran Khan, he said.

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The former prime minister said that the Pakistani ambassador was told why Imran Khan went to Russia and that America is angry. “If he is not removed then Pakistan will face difficulties and if Khan is removed then Pakistan will be forgiven”, the PTI chairman maintained.

Furthermore, Imran Khan while talking about the money laundering case said that money laundering against Shehbaz Sharif is an open and closed case that should have been decided a year ago, he changed all the officers, Dr. Rizwan died of a heart attack, and Faisal, the officer who was investigating in Abad committed suicide, while Maqsood Chaprasi died abroad.

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