Human rights and divine law

Riyatullah Farooqui

The writer is a senior journalist.

In the sight of Almighty Allah, there are two kinds of crimes. The first violates both the divine law and human rights. The other is one in which divine commandments are violated but human rights are not affected. It is not the responsibility of the courts and the state of this world to punish crimes that do not violate human rights. The punishment for these crimes is in the Hereafter. But the crimes that violate both human and divine commandments will be punished by the court and the state in this world and in the Hereafter. The punishment that the offender receives here is a violation of human rights while the punishment in the Hereafter will be given for violating the divine commands which can be forgiven by the will of Allah, the Most Beneficent and Most Merciful.

Allah will look after his affairs Himself. The court here does not have the authority to rule that since God is forgiving and merciful, it can acquit the culprit in human rights cases as well. The court can acquit but cannot state that it is making the decision since God is forgiving and merciful.

The court is empowered in human rights matters that it can acquit the accused even if there is the slightest doubt in Hudood cases. And God has no objection to that. The courts are allowed to provide justice so that no innocent person is punished. The courts are not instructed to conduct such a thorough investigation that the suspect cannot escape. Despite all evidence, even a slight doubt arises, the suspect can be acquitted. But on the other hand, Allah has not allowed the court to interfere in his affairs and rather be concerned about human rights.

An excellent example of crimes in which human rights are violated and also not violated relates to the prohibition of alcohol and pork. Both are haraam but there is a limit only on drinking alcohol and not on consuming pork. There is a limit on alcohol is because the drunkard under the influence of alcohol can harm others particularly women in his household and then show remorse and give the excuse of being drunk. This excuse is not accepted. There is no limit on eating pork as there are no such results. This shows that the greatest defender of human rights is God Himself. He also ordained the protection of human rights and developed a system of punishment for violation of these rules.

There was a need to issue this clarification as many among us particularly on social media when asked about the reason why one is punished for something declared Haraam but not for the others simply answer: “It is the will of Allah. Who are we to interfere in His affairs?”

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