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Hazrat Ali’s teachings still live on

History would ever remember the two days, Rajab 13, the birthday of Hazrat Ali (AS) in Khana-i-Kaaba, and Ramazan 21, the day Hazrat Ali (AS) was martyred in a mosque.
Hazrat Ali (AS) was a person of deep knowledge and wisdom. There were many people who came to him for guidance. He taught them about Islam, the meaning of the Quran, and how to live together as good Muslims.
Imam Ali (AS) -The Champion of Islam
Amir al-Muminin, Imam Ali (AS) was the son of Hazrat Abu Talib, the (Shaykh) of the Banu Hashim. Hazrat Abu Talib was the uncle and guardian of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and the person who had brought Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to his house and raised him like his own son.
After Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was chosen for his prophetic mission, Hazrat Abu Talib continued to support him and repelled from him the evil that came from the infidels among the Arabs and especially the Quraysh.
At each and every battle, Imam Ali ibn Abu Talib (AS) was the hero. It was he who fought single-handedly with famous warriors of Arabia, defeated the enemies and brought victory to Islam.
Imam Ali (as) was present in all the wars in which Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) participated, except the battle of Tabuk when he was ordered to stay in Madinah in place of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).
He never disobeyed Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), so that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said: “Ali is never separated from the Truth or the Truth from Ali.”
Service of reform
Imam Ali (AS) during his Imamate sought to enhance the conditions of the whole Muslim to permit it to reach its full potential. He was among few during and after his era who maintained the highest regard for human rights.
He ruled based on four Islamic principles: the right to live, the right of thought, the right of action, and the right of racial equality.
Service of humanity
Imam Ali (AS) said, “Verily part of worship is to talk to people in a gentle manner and to spread the greeting of peace among them” (Ghurar al-Hikam).
Shahadat Day of Imam Ali (AS) 21st Ramazan
The crime of assassinating Hazrat Ali (AS) remains one of the cruelest, brutal and hideous, because it was not committed against one man, but against the whole rational Islamic leadership.
By assassinating Imam Ali (AS), they actually aimed at assassinating the message, the history, the culture and the nation of Muslims. The Islamic nation lost its guide of progress, and at the most wondrous opportunity in its life after the Holy Prophet (PBUH).
On 19 Ramazan AH 40, which would correspond to 26 January 661, while praying in the Great Mosque of Kufa, Ali was attacked by the Kharijite Abd-al-Rahman ibn Muljam. He died two days later on 29 January 661 (21 Ramadan AH 40).
Need to follow Hazrat Ali’s teachings
It is dire need to follow the teachings and Seerat-i-Hazrat Ali (AS) for a better societal system in order to curb favouritism and prejudice in the society. Everyone should play their role to curb sectarianism, extremism and terrorism for a peaceful Pakistan.
The ulema of the various schools of thought should play their due role to ensure an atmosphere that is peaceful and free of prejudice by following Hazrat Ali’s (AS) teachings.
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