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Govt is adhering to policy of selected COVID-19 lockdowns: Zafar Mirza

ISLAMABAD: Special Assistant on Health Dr. Zafar Mirza has said that the government is adhering to a policy of selected lockdowns to overcome the COVID-19 outbreak.
While addressing a media conference in Islamabad, Zafar Mirza said that over 700 selected areas are under lockdown. The government is adhering to a policy of tracing, testing, quarantine, and selected lockdowns to overcome the COVID-19 outbreak,” he said.
“People have to change their ways of lifestyle to fight the COVID-19 pandemic as it is still unknown for how long we will have to live with it,” he further said.
According to him, the protection of the lives of health professionals was a top priority of the incumbent government.
He also maintained that the government was providing personal protective equipment (PPE) to more than 450 hospitals weekly.
Zafar Mirza further said that the rate of healthcare professionals being affected by COVID-19 in Pakistan is lower than in Europe.  
Earlier, Dr. Mirza warned against taking COVID-19 pandemic lightly, as the number of cases and deaths could increase in the country in the coming days. He said social distancing and other precautionary measures are key to stop the spread of this killer disease.
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