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Govt has done nothing but promises and speeches: Sirajul Haq

JI announces nationwide protests against rising power bills
LAHORE: Jamaat-e-Islami President Siraj-ul-Haq has criticised the federal government by saying that it is not doing anything but announcements, promises, and speeches.
Sirajul Haq in a statement said that Chief Justice Pakistan has also criticised the government over its poor performances in a hearing today. According to the CJP, there is an army of ministers and advisers in the government but no progress was shown to curb the on-going situation,” Haq said.
Sirajul Haq said that by imposing delayed and ill-prepared lockdown, the government had itself been knocked down as it failed to make necessary arrangements for the needs of those under the lockdown.
Sirajul Haq said that the government has not yet given any joint plan related to the coronavirus. He urged that it was not the time of war. The JI president further said, “We have provided masks, sanitizers and medical aid to some 3.6 million people.”
Earlier, Sirajul Haq while condemning the incumbent government’s mode of distributing ration among the poor said that providing basic needs to the poor was the government’s duty. The state must not consider it as doing a favor to the masses, he added.
He said that the government must take care of the miseries of those queuing up for receiving relief package, improve its distribution system and should not play with the lives of the people. He warned that it will an injustice if the government was unable to provide relief to the deserving people or the relief funds went to the wrong hands.

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