Global coronavirus death toll exceeds 479,800 mark

WASHINGTON: The death toll from the coronavirus worldwide has exceeded 479,800, while the number of infected people has affected more than 9,359,000.
Around the world, the coronavirus epidemic has killed around 479,879 people and infected at least 9,359,372. The number of people recovering from the coronavirus has risen to above 5 million people.
More than 2.24 million people in the United States have been diagnosed with the coronavirus. Brazil has become the second country after the United States with more than 1.1 million corona cases, where the death toll from the deadly virus has risen to more than 52,700, while the number of cases has exceeded 1.151 million.
The death toll from coronavirus in Russia has risen to 8,300. The number of people infected with the virus in the country has risen to more than 599,000.
The death toll India has risen to more than 14,400, while the number of people affected with COVID-19 has risen to more than 456,000.
The death toll in the United Kingdom has risen to 42,900, with more than 366,000 people infected with the coronavirus.
The coronavirus test and trace system have been implemented in the UK and those who are travelers are being isolated for 14 days.
The death toll in Italy has exceeded 34,600, with more than 238,000 people affected. The death toll in Spain has exceeded 28,300, while the total number of cases has exceeded 293,000.

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