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Global coronavirus cases rise above 13.6 million

WASHINGTON: The number of coronavirus infection cases across the world has surged to 13,692,614.
The first case was reported in China in early December and it took three months to reach one million cases. It has taken just five days to climb to 13 million cases from 12 million recorded on 8th July.
According to the latest data, 8,148,524 patients have recovered from the pandemic so far. There have been more than 568,500 deaths linked to the coronavirus so far, within the same range as the number of yearly influenza deaths reported worldwide. 
The United States tops with nearly 3,616,747 cases and more than 140,140 deaths followed by Brazil with over 1,970,909 cases and more than 75,523 deaths.
India has reported 970,169 cases while 24,929 deaths due to the coronavirus. Over 746,369 people have infected while 11,770 people died of the virus in Russia.
The country has the third-highest number of recorded infections in the world. Peru has reported 337,724 cases while 12,417 deaths.

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In Chile, nearly 321,205 cases were confirmed, including more than 7,186 deaths. Mexico has reported 36,906 deaths and 317,635 cases.
South Africa has reported 4,453 deaths while over 311,049 people have been tested positive for the virus. Spain has recorded 28,413 fatalities and 304,574 infections.
The United Kingdom has reported 45,053 fatalities and 291,911 infections. Meanwhile, the death toll is 13,410 in Iran as the confirmed number of cases is almost 264,561.
Italy, which recorded its first coronavirus death at the end of February, has 34,997 fatalities, while 243,506 infections. Saudi Arabia has reported 240,474 cases of coronavirus, while 2,325 coronavirus deaths have been reported.
Turkey reported 215,940 coronavirus cases and 5,419 fatalities. Germany has reported 9,148 deaths and 201,252 infections.
France has reported 30,120 deaths and 173,304 cases. Canada reported 8,810 fatalities and 108,829 infections due to coronavirus.
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