Former fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar deplores surgical mask hoarders

KARACHI: Former Pakistani cricketer and fast bowler, Shoaib Akhtar has deplored at surgical mask hoarders following two reported cases of coronavirus in Pakistan.
On a social media website, he shared that all those involved in the price hike of face masks should be ashamed of themselves.
He twitted: “All the people who are involved in the price hike of face masks for protection from the corona Virus should be shameful of this act. This is the time to show some substance as a nation.  Help each other. Facilitate each other. #coronavirus #Pakistan,” Akhtar added.

The prices of the surgical masks have hiked in various cities of the country as the first coronavirus case was reported yesterday. 

According to details, Cities including Rawalpindi Islamabad and Karachi are facing a hike price issue. The packet of 50 masks in the market is now being sold at Rs. 500.

The mafia in the market bought the mask and stored it and the surgical mask disappeared from the market. The mask box for Rs 120 is also available at Rs 500.

Surgical masks have become rare at all medical stores in Karachi despite the price hike. Surgical masks help prevent against the coronavirus disease.

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