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Federal govt not letting us work properly, mayor Islamabad

Islamabad Mayor Sheikh Ansar Aziz has been suspended for a 90-day period over corruption allegations, according to the interior ministry.
ISLAMABAD: During the 46th Metropolitan Corporation meeting the Mayor Islamabad Sheikh Ansar Aziz expressed concern that PTI’s federal government was not allowing it to work accordingly.
The 46th meeting of the Metropolitan Corporation chaired by the Mayor Sheikh Ansar Aziz was held at the Pak China Center. During the meeting, the members expressed serious concerns regarding water shortage in the capital city of Pakistan.

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Officials of the meeting stated that 60 percent of the water connections are illegal. The mayor should immediately issue orders to cut off those connections so that citizens can get relief.
Sheikh Ansar Aziz said that the PTI government has drowned Islamabad’s fleet after coming into power. While the government is considering a case to remove mayor Islamabad who is known for his close association with former prime minister Nawaz Sharif.
Ansar Aziz said that due to the intrusive intervention by the government some of the international companies have fled. We will issue tender again very soon.
He said that the Local Government Commission was exceeding its authority by violating the Local Government Act, which was unacceptable.
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