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Features Of Samsung’s ‘Galaxy Z Flip’ You Must Know

Samsung is likely to launch a new foldable ‘Galaxy Z Flip’ this year in August. The new Galaxy Z Flip a fingerprint scanner two microphone hole, the USB-C port, and a speaker grille.
There are some of the mind-blowing features of the Galaxy Z Flip you might need to know:
1) The Galaxy Z Flip is Samsung’s second folding phone.
2) It has two displays.
3) It can easily fit into pocket or accessory.
4) Its battery life is surprisingly good given the capacity.
5) Surprisingly it’s cover display is a lot more useful than what it seems as users can operate two apps at a time.
6) Galaxy Z Flip folds and holds its position at multiple angles.
7) It will let you tap and swipe to control phone even when it’s folded shut.
8)  Galaxy Fold 2 features a 7.7-inch screen when unfolded.
9) Galaxy Fold has a dual battery.
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