Faith-healer arrested for slapping, punching woman in Lodhran

LODHRAN: A pir (faith-healer) was arrested in Lodhran today (Saturday) for slapping and punching a woman, who had gone to him for treatment, police officials informed.
According to the district police, the woman’s family forcefully took her to the faith-healer for treatment. During the ‘exorcism’, the suspect slapped her forehead and punched her face multiple times.
The police officials informed that the woman was later shifted to the nearby hospital for medical treatment when she lost consciousness.
The police later arrested the faith-healer and registered a case against the accused. During preliminary investigation, the pir claimed that the woman was under the influence of a supernatural being.
Earlier in February, a pir was arrested in Chak 356/WB village for allegedly raping a woman who had gone to him for hepatitis treatment.
According to Lodhran SHO Ameer Ahmed, the pir drugged her by giving her water mixed with some intoxicant before sexually abusing her. In July, another fake pir killed a 14-year-old boy by burning him with boiling oil during an exorcism in Muzaffargarh.
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