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Escaping Accidents

Shahid Shahnawaz

The writer is poet and journalist.

About a month ago, I along with my colleague were on our way back from work riding a bike as we both live in the same area when we met with an unfortunate accident.
My colleague was driving the bike and I was sitting behind him. At the time when we got hit, all I saw was a young man riding a speeding motorbike that struck us from behind and fled from the scene.
Incidentally, I saw the young man’s face. I cannot say that when I see him again, I will recognize him or not because it has been a long time, but I can say with certainty that he should not have done what he did.
If you hit someone accidentally then it is understood that you did not do this intentionally. But if someone accidentally hurts you and runs away without seeking any assistance, then what can you say to that person?
Anyway, what happened in the past should stay behind. I am thankful to God that I survived with minor injuries, and we did not have any fracture or broken bones. Although, I ended up hurting my left hand, the pain reduced by the passage of time.
Recently, about two weeks ago, I once again witnessed another public accident while traveling on a bus. I am habitual of sleeping while traveling on a bus; I cannot stay awake all the time.
Although it is not easy to get comfortable on a moving bus and sleep, some people like me sleep peacefully as my journey is long and I travel on a daily basis so I take a nap rather than staying up on a journey.
Coming back to the incident, I still remember I took a bus for office from Quaidabad bus stop. I had almost completed my journey but all of a sudden at Korangi crossing, I heard a car screeching in front of a van.
When I looked, I was shaking from head to toe. I saw a dangerous collision between a Hiace van and a motorcycle. The van instead of stopping was dragging the bike on the road.
Our bus was on one side of the road while the accident took place on the other side. I saw one person lying unconscious on the road while another was trembling. A crowd of people suddenly started to gather to support him.
When I saw the driver’s face who literally crushed almost two people under his vehicle; he was smiling and had no guilt on his face. I have never been that angry I was at the moment watching him smile. I did not know the cause of the accident, but other passengers on the bus started speculating about it.
Passengers started to assume different theories about the accident. Someone said that there was a race going on between them. Some said that the two children were also injured in the accident, but unfortunately, I could not see them and the bus went ahead.
Karachi is the biggest city in Pakistan with an estimated population of over 2.5 million people. The citizens of the city should have acted more responsible but I am disappointed over what I have seen.
Accidents can happen anywhere, anytime. If you are involved in an accident then you should also be prepared for the consequences. Hiding your face and escaping reality will not change the truth. You will flee today but what will you do on the Day of Judgment. Do think about it! 
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