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Elections in 42 cantonment boards being held today

ECP has already published lists of all polling stations. Source: FILE/Online.

ISLAMABAD: The local government elections in 42 cantonment boards across the country are being held today on Sunday.

The polling started at 08:00 am would continue till 5:00 pm without any interval. A total of 1559 candidates taking part in overall 42 cantonment boards across the country.

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has already published lists of all polling stations while polling staff has also been appointed.

Police would be deployed at polling stations, whereas Rangers would perform their duties outside the polling stations for ensuring smooth conduct of polling. The Election Commission has also approved the installation of CCTV cameras in the most sensitive polling stations.

The ECP has published the lists of all polling stations while polling staff was also appointed by the Returning Officers. The presiding officers would announce the results immediately after completion of counting whereas Returning Officers would announce the unofficial results after completion of the results of each ward.

The ECP has set up five complaint centres in various areas. One centre has been established at federal capital four centres at four provincial capitals aimed at registering complaints relating to the polls.

 In Karachi, the election commission has set up 287 polling stations and 1,115 booths in 42 wards. As per regulations, election campaigns of the candidates concluded on Friday night at 12:00 midnight.

There are 466,695 registered voters including 244,317 men and 222,198 women in six cantonment boards of the city. There are 343 candidates including nine women are taking part in the elections of cantonment boards including 238 from different political and religious parties, whereas, 105 independent candidates will also contesting the polls.

Meanwhile, PEMRA has been asked to monitor the coverage given to parties through public and private radio and TV channels. The regulatory authority would be required as per the code to obtain transmission certificates, details of payments made by the candidates or parties for the campaign.