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Disney to exclusively debut rest of 2021 movies in theaters

'West Side Story' by Steven Spielberg, will be screened in theaters (The Anand Market)

SAN FRANCISCO: Disney has recently announced to exclusively screen all its slated movies in cinemas by the end of the year.

The animated film ‘Encanto’ will be released on the big screen on November 24 and will not appear on Disney´s on-demand video platform until December 24, the company said in a statement.

Other planned projects, including ‘The Last Duel’ by Ridley Scott, ‘Eternals’ by Marvel Studios, and ‘West Side Story’ by Steven Spielberg, will be screened in theaters for at least 45 days before they are released elsewhere.

The decision was eagerly awaited by traditional cinemas after the entertainment giant recently chose to release a series of big productions such as ‘Black Widow’, ‘Jungle Cruise’ and ‘Cruella’ on its Disney+ platform, diverting part of their revenue.

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In mid-August, Disney boss Bob Chapek said he favored ‘flexibility’ and the ability to ‘follow the consumer wherever he goes’. During a presentation of the company´s financial results, he said ‘when theaters reopened, there was immense reluctance from the public to return’.

Warner Bros. studios has also been heavily criticised for its decision to release all of its new movies for the rest of the year on its HBO Max platform.