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Delicious Bannu Beef Pulao is gaining popularity in Karachi

The residents of Karachi are highly fond of biryani which has becomes a tradition. Amid other rice dishes, pulao is also widely eaten in the food loving city.

Bannu Beef Pulao is the latest food trend gaining popularity in Karachi. After its roaring success in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab, the famous dish is now available in Karachi.

The dish is traditionally from Bannu, a town in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The owners introduced the dish here as Karachi is the largest city in the country. It soon became an instant hit and people are coming in droves for a delicious meal.

The dish is traditionally served with Nalli bone marrow, over a dozen spices, high-quality rice and beef slow cooked over ten hours. It is also different from the other pulao dishes available.

Speaking to MM News, the owner Ali said that they are unable to cope up with the increasing demand ever since they opened. “We spend three nights awake due to demand,” he said. The dish is highly popular which can be evident by the crowd over there.

Al Sultan Bannu Beef Pulao located at Main University Road near Mosmiyat sells one kg for Rs480 and Rs120 per plate. If you are looking for something new in town, then this is a must try.