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Deadly insect ‘murder hornet’ discovered in US

WASHINGTON: A predatory insect named ‘murder hornet’, which could potentially pose a threat to humans has been found in the United States.
Murder hornet, a roughly 2-inch long insect belongs to East Asia, it usually has large yellow-orange heads with prominent eyes and a black and yellow striped abdomen.
It has the ability to kill people as it contains venom. It killed up to 50 people a year in Japan, according to researchers.  Moreover, the hornet has the potential to devastate US bee populations, which have already been declining.
Scientists say, “The Asian giant hornet’s life cycle begins in April.” They added that is when the queen wakes up from hibernation and scouts out spots to build underground nests and grow colonies.
The hornets made their way to the US when the Washington State Department of Agriculture verified four reports of sightings. It was first discovered in Blaine, Washington, in December by a homeowner.
“An Asian giant hornet can sting you multiple times and deliver larger doses of venom just because of the size of them. The venom itself is fairly toxic and creates localized necrosis around the wound so you will see melting flesh around the wound,” researchers said.
The Asian giant hornet is far more painful and toxic than that of a honey bee. Researchers have likened the sensation to having a hot nail driven into one’s flesh. However, they said that giant hornets are only dangerous if provoked and tend to keep to themselves unless threatened.
Researchers say even if someone is not allergic to the hornet, multiple stings have the potential to kill.

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