Coronavirus death toll surpasses 1,449,114 worldwide

WASHINGTON: The coronavirus has infected 61,988,071 million people worldwide and caused 1,449,114 deaths.

In the world, 42,788,656 patients of coronavirus have recovered and more than 1,775,050,000 are undergoing treatment. The coronavirus situation is the worst in the United States, with 271,026 deaths and more than 13,454,000 cases reported.

India ranks second in the world in terms of coronavirus cases, with 1,36,238 deaths and more than 9,351,000 people diagnosed with the virus. The total number of deaths from coronavirus in Brazil is 171,998 and more than 6,238,350 people are affected.

In Russia, more than 2,215,533 million people have been infected with the coronavirus and the total number of deaths is 38,558. In France, more than 2,196,119 million people have been affected and 51,914 have lost their lives.

In Spain, more than 1,646,192 million people have been affected and 44,000 have died. In the UK, 1,589,301 million coronavirus cases and 57,551 deaths have been reported.

The first 5 million cases traveled worldwide in 186 days. It took 43 days to get 10 million to 20 million cases. Another 10 million cases were reported in the next 38 days.

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The world-traveled from 30 million to 40 million in 31 days. It took 21 days for 40 million to 50 million cases to be reported. The last 10 million cases came to light in just 18 days. The first 100,000 deaths were reported in 89 days. On June 5, the death toll crossed 400,000. On August 20, the death toll rose to 800,000.

It took 76 days for four lakh to 800,000 deaths and from 8 lac to 1 million deaths occurred in 37 days. The next 200,000 deaths were reported in 35 days. The total number of deaths reported on 24th November was 1.4 million. The last 200,000 deaths occurred in just 24 days.