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Coronavirus-positive lawyer deliberately appears before court

ISLAMABAD: A coronavirus contracted lawyer deliberately appeared before the Supreme Court of Pakistan, creating panic in the apex court.

The episode occurred while Chief Justice of Pakistan Gulzar Ahmed was hearing a case in a full Courtroom No.1 in Islamabad.

Barrister Dr. Adnan Khan was diagnosed with the coronavirus a few days ago. However, he appeared before CJP Justice Gulzar for the hearing of the case. “Though I have been tested positive for coronavirus, but appearing before the court”, he was quoted as saying before the CJP.

Upon the revelation from the lawyer, a panic was created in the courtroom. CJP Gulzar Ahmed asked the lawyer why he has appeared before the court and risking other lives.

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To this, he stated that he forwarded the plea to adjourn the case hearing for some time three days earlier, after contracting COVID-19 infection, but the case was dismissed and today it was an important hearing of the HEC lecturers, that’s why he has appeared before the court, the Barrister added.

Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed asked the lawyer to give his arguments in writing and leave the courtroom immediately. Later, the lawyer left the courtroom on the orders of the Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Gulzar Ahmed.