Coronavirus death toll hits 1,114,633 worldwide

WASHINGTON: The global epidemic of coronavirus has infected 39,957,438 people in the world and 1,114,633 people have lost their lives.

The number of coronavirus cases across the world has surged to 39,957,438. While the pandemic has so far claimed more than 1,114,633 lives across the globe. As many as 29,885,771have been cured and at present, the number of active cases is 8,957,034.

The United States and India are the most affected by the virus in the world. The number of people infected with coronavirus in the United States has risen to 8,342,665 with 224,282 deaths.

India ranks second among the countries affected by the coronavirus, with more than,492,727 people affected and a total death toll of 114,064. Brazil is the third most affected country by the coronavirus with more than 5,224,362 patients and 153,690 deaths.

Russia is the fourth most affected country by the coronavirus, with more than 1,384,235 people infected and 24,002. Spain ranks fifth among countries infected with the coronavirus, with 33,775 deaths and more than 982,723 reported cases.

In Peru, more than 865,549 people have been affected and 33,702 have lost their lives. The death toll from coronavirus in South Africa has risen to 18,408 with more than 702,131 people affected. More than 847,108 people have been affected in Mexico, while the country reported 86,059 deaths.

Colombia has recorded 28,803 fatalities and 952,371 infections. In Chile, nearly 490,003 cases were confirmed, including more than 13,588 deaths.

Italy, which recorded its first coronavirus death at the end of February, has 36,474 fatalities, while 402,536 infections. Saudi Arabia has reported 5,165 deaths and 341,854 cases.

Meanwhile, the death toll stands 30,123 in Iran as the confirmed number of cases is almost 526,490. Germany has reported 9,853 deaths and 361,733 infections.

Turkey reported 345,678 coronavirus cases and 9,224 fatalities. China has to date declared 4,634 deaths and 85,672 cases, with 80,786 recoveries and 252 active cases of the virus.

Earlier, the World Health Organization had said that the work is underway on nine coronavirus vaccines under it.

The coronavirus vaccine is expected to arrive later this year, the WHO said. According to the organization, once the vaccine is developed, 2 billion doses will be distributed worldwide next year.

The WHO has drawn up a plan to distribute the coronavirus vaccine, which includes more than 60 stabled countries, but does not include the United States and China. A total of 156 countries are participating in the program.


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