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Coronavirus cases surpass 500 million worldwide

The United States, India and Brazil are among the countries most affected by Corona worldwide. (Photo: Al Jazeera)

GENEVA: Coronavirus has infected 502.1 million people worldwide, while the virus has killed more than 6.214 million people.

According to the details, a total of 502,156,840 people were infected with coronavirus in more than 200 countries and regions of the world while 62,14,109 people succumbed to the virus.

The condition of 43,180 people infected with the virus is critical, while the number of active cases of coronavirus worldwide has risen to 43,524,628. A total of 43,481,448 patients are suffering from the virus.

Around the world, 452,418,103 people recovered from coronavirus. The highest number of 82,192,880 people were infected in the United States while 43,039,023 people were infected in India.

Coronavirus killed 1,014,114 people in the United States, while 521,767 people died of the virus in India. In Brazil, coronavirus affected 32,10,853 people and killed 661,710.

The countries most affected by coronavirus are the United States first, India second, Brazil third, France fourth, Germany fifth, Britain sixth, Russia seventh, South Korea eighth, Italy ninth and Turkey tenth.

Earlier, one million deaths were reported from coronavirus worldwide in 79 days while 1 million deaths occurred in 235 days. It took 118 more days for the death toll to reach 1 million to 2 million.

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