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Coke Studio releases first promo of season 12

Coke Studio releases first promo of season 12
KARACHI: The official promo of Coke Studio Season 12 has been released, and its first episode would be on aired on 11th October.
The promo for the season 12 has shown some of the singers speaking about what music meant to them
Season 12 also marks the return of the house and, with Mehr Qadir, Nimra Rafiq, Rachel Viccaji, and Shahab Hussain on backing vocals; Amir Azhar, Javed Iqbal, Kamran “Mannu” Zafar, Sarmad Ghafoor, Tanveer Tafu, Varqa Faraid, Zain Ali on tonal instruments; and finally, Aziz Kazi, Babar Khanna, Hassan Mohyeddin, Kami Paul, and Veeru Shan on percussions.
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