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Burden of desires

Syed Safdar

The writer is a senior journalist having great experience in media firms.

In this day and age, life has become much busier than before. We have become unaware of our surrounding environment and society and have even stopped understanding ourselves. We are being pushed into a deep quicksand in our quest to fulfill our unlimited wants and desires. The burden of desires overwhelms man. It compels man to sever ties with himself. If we look at our capabilities then we can bring a change in ourselves.

Nowadays everyone wants to become successful and move forward but through shortcuts rather than hard work and perseverance. It is necessary to change ourselves and wait for the right moment which has been ordained for us. This does not mean we sit idle waiting for the moment but rather hustle until we discover ourselves.

Man needs to find himself because we are blessed with wisdom and understanding. We ignorantly forget the blessings bestowed upon us and make mistakes leading us to lose sight of our struggle.

Nature has given every man some qualities through which we reach our destination. We all have a natural skill often ‘God Gifted’. This is hidden within us. We need to find this hidden talent and walk the path of success and reach their destination.

Some people find their hidden talents a little late. Others prefer to climb the mountain of desires which fail in the beginning and frustrates them. Frustration is an attack in the battle of desires and circumstances. Man makes a mistake which leads to failure. This leads to frustration and an obstacle in the way of man. That is why it is important for a person to find his hidden abilities as well as the cause of frustration so we can win this battle with us.

There are some moments in every person’s life that make us hollow inside. Our biggest mistake is that we carry the bitter moments of the past with us. We do not admit this mistake or try to rectify it.  If you look around you will find that success is achieved by those who forget the past and move on. We need to have the courage and not forget that there are brighter moments and bad times will pass.

Everything in the universe is a prisoner of time. Anything can be changed except time. Out life is also a prisoner of time. That is why we do not realize the importance of time in our lives. We should value time and wait for our appointed moment. If we do not know our mistakes then we should find them and rectify and improve them.

We should have faith in the Almighty and find our weaknesses that hinder us from moving forward.  Life will become much easier if man stops looking at the shortcomings of others and start finding our own fallacies. We need to discover ourselves to find eternal peace.

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