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Budget discussions

The political crisis which apparently emerged after Imran Khan’s ouster doesn’t seem to dissipate but is aggravating the situation. The PML-N and PTI have spared over the federal budget and blamed each other for the adverse economic situation.

A bizarre situation has emerged as the National Assembly sans PTI is having a lacklustre albeit ‘friendly’ discussion on the budget as a mere formality. On the contrary, the Punjab Assembly witnessed a ruckus as both sides traded barbs and the budget was not even presented, leading to intense debate on the legal challenges if the budget is not unveiled.

The opposition in the National Assembly is now led by PTI dissidents and some other parties. Finance Minister Miftah Ismail delivered the budget speech on June 10 in a calm atmosphere. It was the first time in years there was no commotion or sloganeering during the budget speech. In the post-budget debate, Leader of Opposition Raja Riaz gave a short, unimpressive speech and even slammed the previous government of his own party.

In sharp contrast, the budget session in Punjab Assembly was marred by verbal clashes and chaos. It was the first time in the country’s history that the provincial government failed to present the budget. Chief Minister Hamza Shehbaz was not even present during the crucial session, suggesting he has no control over the situation. The power struggle has been growing as Punjab Assembly Speaker Pervaiz Elahi refuses to accept Hamza as the chief minister.

The bickering over the budget has raised political tensions and domestic instability. It suggests that lawmakers are least concerned about the welfare of the masses. Unfortunately, it also sets the tone for the political situation in the coming weeks. Neither side – PTI or PML-N – is willing to accept the global situation and the circumstances leading to the economic crisis.

The government has admitted the budget could witness changes in the coming days to incorporate the IMF’s demands. The nation is facing one of the worst economic crises, but political parties have shown their indifference due to their callous attitude. The least we could expect is to have a serious discussion on how we can get out of the economic crisis.

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