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Biryani – a national dish of Karachi

Biryani may not be the national dish of Pakistan but it definitely is a favourite for Karachiites who are always in search of tasty rice. A perfect plate of biryani consists of some aromatic rice, tender meat pieces, served with perfectly chilled raita.
We have discovered eateries for you around the city that serve the best biryani. Almost all eateries offer biryani but the taste is different at every restaurant. 
‘Ghousia Biryani Centre’
‘Nalli biryani’ from ‘Ghousia Biryani centre’ has made people crazy with its unique combination. Located at Liaquatabad, Ghousia is one of the most famous spots for biryani.

Our love for biryani knows no bounds. Throughout the country, this beloved delicacy is served at weddings and get-togethers. Out of all the food-focused cities, Karachi has the best biryani. It’s like people in Karachi know exactly how to cook this amazing delicacy.
‘Raees Biryani’
‘Raees Biryani’ located in the Korangi area uses a ground spice blend in biryani which makes it flavorful yet special.
“We prepare biryani with special herbs and spices which is our specialty.” The owner proudly shared, “We have been selling this special biryani for 45 years now.”

He doubts that someone could cook biryani the way his eatery does, “Our style is unique and new.”  Raees biryani sells its famous dish at Rs.400 per kg.
‘Friends Biryani’
If we talk about perfectly balanced biryani then ‘Friends biryani’ located at Korangi’s site area serves the best specialty. “Our biryani is delicious because we prepare it chatpati (spicy),” the cook said. 
“Anyone who doubts our quality is welcome to visit our kitchen,” he said and assured a good delicious biryani as it has been extended to Lahore, Dubai, and Islamabad. The beef biryani is sold at Rs.360 per kg.
‘Zouq Biryani’

Zouq Biryani, located at the Landhi area, offers a family-friendly place where Karachiites enjoy a selection of beef and chicken biryani at reasonable rates. “We serve neat and hygienic biryani,” the owner said.
Its the best biryani place in Landhi as it’s more spicy and juicy as compared to other Biryanis of Karachi. “We sell our biryani at the most reasonable price of Rs.320 per kg.”
Despite nihari being the national dish of Pakistan, Biryani still remains the crown dish in the country, especially for Karachiites as it is soul food. It does not go to the stomach but directly goes straight to the heart.




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