Babar Awan reveals fresh Taseer/Benazir type attempt to assassinate Imran Khan

ISLAMABAD: Senior leader and leading lawyer of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Babar Awan has claimed that his party has reports of fresh attempts and preparation to assassination Chairman Imran Khan when he attends courts in the federal capital. He said the ‘formula of Salman Taseer and Liaquat Bagh (Benazir) being pondered to assassinate Khan.

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Addressing a crowded press conference here on Friday, he alleged that the prime objective to register cases against Imran Khan in Islamabad indicate that the actual plan was to grab and trap Khan in the federal capital and assassinate him by using a sniper or some other suicidal terror act.

Babar Awan’s presser came as Islamabad administration imposed section 144, banning all types of gatherings outside the courts. The implementation of Section 144 and the ban on gatherings outside the courts are expected to remain in place until further notice.

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Babar Awan recalled how Imran Khan used to tell that he would be attacked and the blame would be shifted to a ‘religious fanatic’. He said “now there are fresh evidences that an attempt is being made to take Imran Khan’s life again.There are evidences that there is another assassination attempt on Imran Khan. Attempts are being made to surround Imran Khan in the Islamabad court. Then be attacked by a sniper.”

“PTI has information and circumstantial pieces of evidence of the threats to Imran Khan’s life,” he added.

He said Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah had revealed in a press talk that foreign agencies wanted to assassinate Imran Khan, adding that when Khan appeared in ATC and other courts in Islamabad, no CCTV was working and the security had vanished. Awan asked as to who shut down the security cameras, and who ordered removal of security?

He further asked that when the prime suspect involved in Wazirabad assassination attempt can be allowed to appear in court via video link, why not Imran Khan? He said the security incharge of Khan, Ahmed Niazi, was booked under ATC sections so that his guards couldn’t protect him when he would appear in courts on next date of hearings.

Babar Awan asked “If Imran Khan can be asked to guarantee for Nawaz Sharif’s life, who will now guarantee for Imran Khan’s life?” He requested the court to conduct further hearings of Imran Khan via video link keeping the threats to his life in view.

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