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Aviation body dismisses India’s complaint against Pakistan

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ISLAMABAD: The International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) has rejected India’s complaint against Pakistan’s refusal to allow its Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s request to travel to Saudi Arabia.
According to the media outlet, the ICAO said flights carrying national leaders are considered “state aircraft” and are not subject to the body’s provisions.

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Earlier on 28th October, the Indian government had sought Pakistan’s permission to use the country’s airspace for the Indian premier, who is expected to visit Saudi Arabia to participate in an international business conference.
New Delhi after being refused by Pakistan, approached ICAO on Monday after Islamabad barred Narendra Modi from using Pakistan’s airspace.

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The publication quoted the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) spokesperson saying, “The Convention on International Civil Aviation (Chicago Convention), which ICAO helps governments to cooperate under, only applies to the operations of civilian aircraft and not to state or military aircraft.”
He further clarified that flights carrying state leaders were labeled as state aircraft due to which they did not fall under ICAO provisions.
This was the second time in two months that New Delhi sought permission for Modi to use Pakistani airspace and was subsequently denied.

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ICAO is a UN specialized agency, established by the United States in 1944 to manage the administration and governance of the Convention on International Civil Aviation (Chicago Convention).
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