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ATC acquits six accused CTD personnel in Sahiwal shooting

ATC acquits six accused CTD personnel in Sahiwal shooting case
LAHORE: Anti-Terrorism Cout (ATC) ordered to acquit six accused personnel of Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) in Sahiwal shooting case, today on Thursday.
According to sources, the suspects including Ahsan Khan, Safdar Hussain, Saifullah, Ramzan, Nasir and Husnain were acquitted due to insufficient evidence.
Anti-Terrorism Court Number 1 Judge, Arshan Hussain Bhutta resumed the hearing. The court later rejected the statements given by at least 49 witnesses. The witnesses also included deceased’s brother Ehtisham. The victim Khalil’s children and his brother also gave the statements. The witnesses failed to identify the accused of the case.
Earlier, on 19th January, CTD personnel shot dead at least persons in Qadirabad area. The officers claimed that the dead persons were terrorists. In the Intelligence based operation (IBO), minor boy got injured severely who was present in the car along with his two sisters Hadia and Muneeba.
According to the statement of CTD personnel, the passengers of the car first opened the fire. The deceased also had connection with the group who was involved in the kidnapping of an American citizen and former Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani’s son.
After the incident, eyewitnesses refused the CTD’s statement and said that passengers of the car did not open the fire adding, “There were no weapons found with the bodies
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