Asia’s largest cattle market: First truck of sacrificial animals arrives in Karachi

The largest cattle market in Asia is ready to be set up in Karachi for which the first truck of sacrificial animals has reached the city from Sheikhupura.

According to details, the first truck of sacrificial animals reached Karachi two days ago to the cattle market. The merchant of Sheikhupura came to the cattle market with sacrificial animals.

Cattle market spokesman Yawar Raza Chawla said that the construction of administration block in the cattle market has entered the final stages. The market will officially start on June 10.

The media cell attached to the management of the cattle market will also be initiated after two days. All services will also be provided to first-come, first-served traders.

Administrator Rana Imran said that 70 percent of the land on 900 acres of cattle market has been cleared.

Referring to the preparations for decorating Asia’s largest cattle market, Rana Imran said that more cattle would reach the market today. Booking of VVIP blocks will also start soon.

On the other hand, the cattle market seems to be satisfied with the steps taken by the business administration. Sheikhupura traders say that they got a water facility as soon as they came to the cattle market. This time better measures have been taken than before.

Preparations are underway to set up Superhighway Asia’s largest cattle market. Like every year, a new city is being set up this year for the purchase of sacrificial animals. Water, food, and electricity will be provided 24 hours a day for the convenience of sacrificial animals and traders in the cattle market covering an area of more than 900 acres.