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Asad Khokhar’s brother shot at a house party in Lahore

The attacker has confessed to killing Mubashir Khokhar.

LAHORE: MPA Malik Asad Ali Khokhar’s brother, Mubashir Khokhar has been shot dead at his home.

Police arrested the accused who has confessed to the murder. According to details, a firing took place during a function in the presence of Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar yesterday, as a result, Mubashir Khokhar was killed.

Police say Mubashir Khokhar was targeted at a wedding party. The accused Nazim has been arrested while the firing took place at the time of departure of Chief Minister Buzdar. The accused suddenly opened fire on the three brothers.

The investigation into the murder of the brother of provincial minister Asad Khokhar revealed that the accused was dressed in a waiter’s uniform, so the check could not be carried out. The accused opened fire at Point Blank Range and directly hit the head of the slain Mubashir Khokhar.

The accused fired four shots at Mubashir Khokhar with a 9mm pistol. Taking notice of the incident, the Punjab Chief Minister demanded a detailed report and said that a comprehensive inquiry into the security arrangements and action should be taken against the accused in accordance with the law.

The attacker has confessed to killing Mubashir Khokhar. In his initial statement, the killer said that Mubashir Khokhar was involved in the murder of my uncle. I killed the victim to avenge my uncle’s murder.

An eyewitness said the attacker was standing next to me. The accused opened fire on the way to the Punjab Chief Minister. The same shot was fired at Mubashir Khokhar. Police arrested the suspect immediately after the attack.