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All mafia pappu coming to Aryan’s defence: Kangana Ranaut takes digs at Hrithik Roshan

India Today reports further claims that during the interrogation Aryan cried inconsolably (File)

Bollywood’s King Khan has been grabbing headlines but this time not for himself but because of his son.

Last Sunday, Shah Rukh Khan’s eldest son Aryan Khan was arrested by the Narcotics Control Board (NCB) from a party on charges of buying and using drugs.

The case of Shah Rukh Khan’s son is being heard in court but he has not been granted bail yet. However, there is also a court on social media outside the court, where many Bollywood stars have come out in favor of Aryan Khan, one of whom is named Hrithik Roshan.

The Bang Bang actor wrote a long post to encourage Aryan Khan in which he Aryan as ‘dear’.  He wrote that these difficulties are used to awaken the inner hero and do not allow yourself to be more affected by it.

Soon after his post, actress Kangana Ranaut bashed and criticized the double standards of Bollywood stars, and wrote that now all the mafia are coming forward in defense of Aryan Khan.

kangana ranaut

Kangana wrote in her Instagram story, “Now all Mafia Pappu coming to Aaryan Khan’s defence…. We make mistakes but we mustn’t glorify them … I trust this will give him perspective and also make him realise consequences of his actions…. Hopefully it can evolve him and make him better and bigger. It’s good not to gossip about someone when they vulnerable but it’s criminal to make them feel that they did no wrong.”