Aima Baig’s ‘don’t try this at home kids’ statement leaves fans amazed

Singer Aima Baig has recently made the shocking revelation that she changed her hair colour four times in a month.

In a post on Instagram, the young artist said she would not suggest anyone do the same. The Groove Mera actress took to Instagram and wrote, “I literally changed my hair color 4 times this past month, which is crazy i know. Dont try this at home kids, not recommended.”

She, while posting on Instagram also highlighted she would not recommend dying hair frequently. Many social media users called her ‘Pretty’, ‘Guria’, ‘Gorgeous’, and ‘Prettiest Girl’.

In April 2021, Aima Baig got engaged to her longtime beau Shahbaz Shigri. The two first met on the sets of a 2019 film starring Shahbaz. They hit it off and have steadily been together ever since.

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