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3 Falsa juice spots for a refreshing summer

Summers in Pakistan brings scorching heat, humid weather, and heat strokes but also bring some absolutely delicious fruits and berries like falsa.
These bitter and sweet berries are blended in sugar added with a pinch of white pepper to make a delicious energizer that is not only refreshing but also helps remain cool in the sweltering heat.
There are many roadside vendors and stalls selling falsa juice. We have gathered the best spots in Karachi where chilled healthy falsa is served and sweep your sweetness away.
Bilal Juice
Situated at Khayaban-e-Ittehad, DHA, Bilal Juice serves the best false juice every year in summers.
The shopowner Haji Kaleem Qureshi says, “We serve falsa juice in summers. We easily sell 400 to 500 glasses daily.”
“As we all know it is not only healthy for the liver but also it prevents cancer. The season of falsa in Pakistan lasts for 40 days only so if you drink it daily you won’t fall sick.”
Falsa juice makes red blood cells in the body and also keeps you from feeling the impact of the intensely hot and humid weather. Falsa juice also works as a digestive. The berry is said to relieve inflammation, which makes it a good heart tonic.
No matter how hot the day is, the cold delicious falsa juice can help you remain calm. You can get one glass from Bilal Juice for Rs.130.
The Juice Stall at Manzoor Colony 

The Juice Stall owner, situated at Manzoor colony, says falsa juice does wonders in the summer.
“Falsa juice eliminates issues of liver from the body,” says the worker of the shop. “Its a pure summer drink.”
“Everyone should drink this juice as its a limited fruit, moreover, this drink energizes you and gives you the strength to overcome heat in hot weather.”
“We sell the juicy at quite a friendly budget of Rs. 30” he says.
Agha Qasim Juice

If you are a true falsa lover, you will have to make the efforts of traversing through Gulshan Chowrangi to reach Agha Qasim Juice.
“We focus on selling falsa juice more in the summer as it has a cooling effect,” one of the workers of the joints says.
“It both refreshes our mind and hydrates your body.” The juice here is sold at Rs. 100.
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