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Over 141 pilots restricted from flying over bogus licenses

PIA increases domestic flight operations
ISLAMABAD: More than 140 pilots have been restricted from flying with immediate effect for holding suspicious or bogus licenses.
According to details, Pakistan International Airlines have barred 141 pilots from operating flights on the suspicion of holding fake licenses.
In a statement, PIA management stated that the inquiry against 28 pilots has already been completed; moreover, 9 of them have also admitted having fake licenses.
PIA CEO Arshad Malik informed the Ministry of Aviation and all ambassadors in this regard. Moreover, Airblue has also grounded nine pilots while SereneAir too restricted 10 pilots who had dubious licenses.
PIA came under strict scrutiny after a flight carrying 99 passengers crashed in Karachi last month on 22nd May that claimed 97 lives. An initial investigation report held the pilots responsible for the accident.
However, earlier in June, a provisional report claimed that as many as 150 out of a total 400 flag carrier pilots held fake flying licenses.
Since 1965, PIA has suffered 10 major crashes and several minor incidents. Inquiries have been held but they do not seem to have led to any improvements.

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