Pilots’ licences – Fake or genuine? What is the reality?

The saga over the possession of dubious or fake licences by Pakistanis pilot is getting murkier and confusing with every passing day with allegations and contradictory statements from all quarters. The pilots have decided to retaliate as they are been

Ethiopian Airlines seeks reply over pilot’s fake licences

KARACHI: Ethiopian Airlines has suspended pilots from Pakistan with fake licences and sought and sought an explanation from aviation officials. United States, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and European Union have already sought an explanation from Pakistan over the

PIA allowed to operate Europe, UK flights till July 3

ISLAMABAD: The European Union has given permission to Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) to temporarily operate flights till 3rd July. The permission was given to bring back Pakistanis stranded abroad after hectic efforts by the government. European Union has relaxed the

Vietnam grounds Pakistani pilots over dubious licences

HANOI: Vietnam’s aviation authority on Monday said it had grounded all Pakistani pilots working for local airlines amid concern from global regulators that some pilots may have been using ‘dubious’ or fake licences. Last week, Pakistan’s aviation minister said it

Over 141 pilots restricted from flying over bogus licenses

ISLAMABAD: More than 140 pilots have been restricted from flying with immediate effect for holding suspicious or bogus licenses. According to details, Pakistan International Airlines have barred 141 pilots from operating flights on the suspicion of holding fake licenses. In

Fake letter circulating on social media over PIA grounding pilots

ISLAMABAD: A fake letter has been circulating on social media supposedly from the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) chief stating that the airline has disclosed a list of pilots with suspicious licences. The fake letter is addressed to United States Ambassador

Spray plane crashes during anti-locust operations in Sadiqabad

SADIQABAD: An airplane on an aerial spray crashed on Sunday in Bandhi district of Sadiqabad, leaving two people dead on board. The plane crashed near Sadiqabad at Chak No 215, due to a technical failure resulting in the death of