World celebrates International Day of Ozone Layer

New York: The world celebrates the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer on Monday. 
Ozone Layer works as an important shield surrounding the Earth’s atmosphere, which saves the planet from the harmful ultraviolet radiation (UV) rays from the sun.
However, the ozone layer has depleted tremendously in the last few years, given the continuous efforts to harm the environment.
The ozone layer is located 15 to 55 km above the Earth’s surface, it is composed of three molecules of oxygen. Naturally, the damage to this basement was known in the 1970s.
If the ozone layer gets damaged, global warming will be extremely intense, making human life incredibly difficult, while the largest glaciers on Earth, including the entire continent of Siachen Glacier and Antarctica, will melt, and sea levels will rise so much that most of the world’s coastal cities can be partially or completely submerged.
The major and significant coastal cities of the world including Rabat (Morocco), Nouakchott (Mauritania), Lisbon (Portugal), Tallinn (Estonia), Dublin (Ireland), Copenhagen (Denmark), Fuzhou (China), Pattaya (Thailand), Eden (Yemen), Decal (Senegal), Karachi (Pakistan) and Mumbai (India), while small and insignificant coastal cities and islands of Malaysia are also found on land which may not even exist after sea level rise.
The United Nations declared 16th September the World Day of Ozone Protection in 1994 and announced that every year in the world would be celebrated every year in order to raise awareness around the world.
According to the UN, environmental pollution must be eliminated to protect the ozone. In particular, it is very important to inform the public about air pollution and prevent excessive smoke emission from your vehicle which causes air pollution.
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