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Woman lashes out at Karachi cafe’s staff after being asked for vaccination card

I am a human rights activist: Woman yells at eatery staff when asked for vaccination card (Online)

The video of a woman lashing out at TestKitchen By Okra‘s staff because she was asked for a vaccination certificate has gone viral.

In the viral video, a woman can be seen lashing out at the chef of the restaurant based in Karachi because the staff asked her for a vaccination certificate which apparently she did not have. The staff, on the other hand, can be seen quite composite and calm.  

According to the viral video, a woman has claimed that she is a self-proclaimed ‘human rights activist’. The woman, pointing the camera in the staff’s face, yelling, ‘You are in terrible violation of the constitution,’ after she was asked for proof of vaccination.

Comedian Ali Gul Pir was quick enough to recreate her video and called the woman ‘desi version of Karen.’ His recreated video was somehow hilarious, let’s have a look: