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Why Karachi tops in the street crime cases?

Karachi's security put on high alert following Bajaur blast  

Karachi is one of the largest cities in the world and its metro area population in 2023 is more than 17 million. Due to increasing population day by day, the economic hub has been facing law and order issues.

Unfortunately, in 2022, the city registered hundreds of offences that directly impacted thousands of residents’ lives.

As per the global organized crime index, Pakistan right now has a crime score of 6.28, which is much higher than other nations. According to the statistics, Pakistan ranks 29th among 193 countries. It is 10th among the 46 countries of Asia and second among the 8 countries of South Asia.

Due to increasing rates of crime, Karachi is becoming one of the most dangerous cities in the world where thousands of citizens are losing their valuables daily, but unfortunately due to a lack of governmental measures young offenders are free to rob thousands of citizens at gunpoint.

As per the crime statistics record of 2022 provided by the Citizens-Police Liaison Committee through RTI, the highest number of cases were reported of two-wheeler theft and mobile phone snatching.

In 2022, the most cases of street criminal activities reported by CPLC are two-wheelers theft — amounting to 51901 — and the second most reported crime is portable device snatching — a total of 28561. The recovery of phones was very low — only 593 mobile phones were recovered. The recovery of two-wheelers stood at 3182.

The other highest reported crime reported by CPLC is four-wheeler snatching in Karachi. In 2022, 2105 four-wheelers were stolen and 161 were snatched.
On the other hand, the ratio of homicide has also increased in 2022. As per data, a total of 593 incidents were reported.

Because of increased street crime in Karachi, the citizens are very much afraid to move freely in the streets. Pakistan’s economic hub has been facing a lack of governance to tackle the crime rate.

The official crime statistics of the Sindh Police revealed that more than 42,979 crimes against persons and property were reported in Karachi Range during the first seven months of 2022.

According to crime statistics, 12,779 incidents of motorcycle theft and 2,050 incidents of motorcycle snatch were reported.

The official data showed there was an increase in the snatching of portable phones and motorbikes and the theft of four-wheelers and two-wheelers. Nevertheless, there was a decline in the number of murders or damages during a crime against property and persons as compared to the previous year.
Saad Ahmed, who lives in North Nazimbad Block H, faced mobile snatching at gunpoint outside his home in November 2022. He said that he bought a new iPhone from his first office income but it was snatched at gunpoint.

Saad, who recently graduated from Karachi University, said he was so disappointed about the law and order situation in Karachi. “No one has taken strong action against culprits in Karachi,” he said.

Another citizen, Noman Shakeel, who lives in Korangi, said, “a snatcher snatched his bike at gunpoint at a local market in December. He filed an FIR but unfortunately, his vehicle still has not been recovered.”
Noman said, “Culprits are free to move in Karachi. No one is serious enough to catch the offender. “

Advocate Zia Ahmed Awan said due to the failure of the Sindh police and the malfunctioning of CCTV cameras, culprits are free to rob the citizens.

“Youths between the ages of 20 and 25 are involved in criminal activities because they do not have employment opportunities in Karachi,” Zia added.

“The basic reason for the failure to prevent crimes is the failure of criminal justice to give strong punishment to culprits who are involved in these types of criminal activities,” Zia added.

“The fear of committing dacoits and theft among the people involved in crimes is gradually disappearing because they are easily released from jail, due to which the robbers roam easily and there is no one to stop them.”

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