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Who was Rashid Mahmood Khan and why was he cremated?

Rashid Mahmood Khan (Geo)

A Pakistani named Rashid Mahmood Khan was recently cremated in Japan by hospital authorities. As a Muslim, people have been mourning over such an incident. But the question is why was he cremated? 

Rashid Mahmood Khan

The body of Pakistani origin Rashid Mahmood Khan was cremated. Hailing from Lahore, he was a 50-year old man living in Japan with his Japanese wife.


According to details, Khan died a few days ago in Japan. His dead body was set on fire by the hospital and local administration as per Japanese tradition.

Without consent

After not contacting the late Rashid Mehmood Khan for several days, one of his close friends Jamil Halal and Malik Noor Awan contacted the hospital management. It is when they found out that he had passed away and his last rites were performed in a Japanese manner.

As per reports, Rashid Mehmood Khan had no children and his Japanese wife had no connection with any Pakistani or Muslim organization.

Pakistani embassy

The Pakistani embassy has not yet been able to persuade the Japanese government that in case of the death of any Pakistani citizen, the Pakistani embassy should be informed by the Japanese authorities.

Previous cases

This is not the first time it has happened with a Pakistani living in Japan. About six months ago, another Pakistani citizen was burnt to death by the local administration, after which the Pakistani embassy assured the community that they would talk to the Japanese government.

No action

The Pakistani embassy made sure that in case of death of any Pakistani, even if his wife is Japanese, the embassy will be informed first. However, after six months, the body of Khan has cremated yet again.


After losing two Pakistanis, a large number of locals have demanded the government of Pakistan to raise this issue with the government of Japan at the government level otherwise there is no hope from the embassy of Pakistan.  

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