WHO warns COVID-19 may never go away

GENEVA: The World Health Organization has warned that new coronavirus may never go away.
According to the WHO, people around the world will gradually learn to live with the virus that was first emerged in China’s Wuhan city late last year.
As some countries around the world begin gradually easing lockdown restrictions imposed in a bid to stop the novel coronavirus from spreading, the WHO said it may never be wiped out entirely.
“We have a new virus entering the human population for the first time and therefore it is very hard to predict when we will prevail over it,” said Michael Ryan, the WHO’s emergency director.
Dr. Mike Ryan said, “We should not be waiting to see if the opening of lockdowns has worked by counting bodies in morgues.” He added, “This virus may become just another endemic virus in our communities and this virus may never go away.”
“HIV has not gone away but we have come to terms with the virus,” he added. More than half of humanity has been put under some form of lockdown since the coronavirus crisis began.
Around the world, the pandemic has killed more than 298,174 people and infected over 4,429,922. The United States has been the hardest-hit country, with 1,430,348 cases and 85,197 deaths.

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