Wall of Kindness set up in Islamabad’s Sector H-13

ISLAMABAD: The residents of Islamabad’s Sector H-13 have set up a ‘Wall of Kindness’ in order to help the poverty-stricken people and poor segment of the society.

Wall of Kindness was set up where people are allowed to leave the goods they do not need so that the less privileged can pick them. The idea of the initiative is to provide clothes, shoes and other necessary items to the poor who do not ask for it.

A table has been placed at the spot on which the people hang their used belongings. The needy ones visit the wall and take pieces of their choice.

The residents of the area have urged the locals to donate their used clothes to the wall which can then be used by the poor and homeless. “The walls help poor and needy strangers who are our fellow countrymen take anything that’s hooked on to the wall,” they added.

The residents further informed that they have also arranged food for the daily wagers and the poor people can fulfill their needs. “We have also set up various committees in the area that support us,” the residents added.

The encouraging concept of Wall of Kindness was initiated from Iran before being replicated in major cities of Pakistan. The idea was put into practice recently in Karachi by two women. The slogan of the Wall of Kindness is “Leave what you don’t need” and “Take if you need it”.

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