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Video of Hum Tum’s ‘chamcha’ scene becomes viral

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Ramzan’s special transmission drama serial ‘Hum Tum’ which is being aired on HUM TV is directed by Danish Nawaz, the director of past blockbuster drama ‘Chupke Chupke’ while the playwright is Saima Akram Chaudhry who has also written many excellent dramas in the past Suno Chanda.

Recently an episode of the drama was aired in which Adam, played by Ahad Raza Mir had celebrated his 25th birthday and on this occasion, his sister Maleeha invites her neighbors aka Qutbuddin’s family to the birthday party.

It is to be noted that Neha, played by Ramsha Khan, and Adam do not get along at all and they are often seen fighting in dramas; that is why on the occasion of her birthday, Neha plans a great gift for her enemy.

The drama serial Hum Tum with Adam opening the gifts which turn out to be ‘chamcha’ (silverspoon), a typical name which Neha refers to Adam due to his obedient nature towards her father.

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Furthermore, since the incident, all the characters in the play have been making a lot of fun of Adam because of the silver spoon, and Neha and her grandparents have been teasing him by spoon-feeding him at the dining table.

Since this scene of the drama, the picture of Ahad Raza Mir with Silver Spoon is going very viral.

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