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US woman accepts Islam after watching Turkish series

NEW YORK: An American woman has accepted Islam after being influenced by Resurrection: Ertugrul, a popular Turkish TV series.

A 60-year-old woman, a resident of Wisconsin city, accepted Islam and chose the name of Khadija after came across Resurrection: Ertugrul while browsing Netflix.

The woman told  Anadolu Agency, “I looked into it, the details about it. So I started watching.” Khadija said she was really interested in Islam after watching a few episodes.

Stressing that the dialogues of Muhyiddin Ibn Arabi gave a new meaning to her life, the woman said his words made her think a lot and sometimes cry. The series had a great impact on her orientation to Islam, she said. She watched all episodes four times and now started watching for the fifth time.

The woman said her curiosity in history connected her to the series and after watching the series she met Islam. Although she was a Baptist Catholic, all the question marks in her head were cleared and she eventually became more interested in Islam, she added.

Noting that she read the Muslim holy book of Quran in English to learn more about Islam, she explained the process after she decided to become a Muslim.

After making a search for a mosque close to her area, she found one and went into it, where she said worshipers were shocked to see her. “I became Muslim right that day,” the woman said. 

Khadija, a mother of six children, said that as time goes by, her kids see Khadija watching Turkish shows when they stop over and her youngest son was the one who figured out she became a Muslim. “But the others haven’t asked. They suspect but haven’t asked and I figured they will,” said Khadija.

Often described as a Turkish Game of Thrones, Resurrection Ertugrul tells the story before the establishment of the Ottoman Empire in 13th century Anatolia. It illustrates the struggle of Ertugrul Gazi, the father of the empire’s first leader.

Earlier, Renowned content writer and a travel blogger, Christian Betzmann, had accepted Islam, he announced today (Friday) in an Instagram Post.

In an Instagram post, the content writer wrote, “Islam is the religion of peace and I felt a deeper connection and something I want to experience and explore deeper for myself.”

“Growing up in Europe the word Islam was always connected with negativity, war, terrorism and to be completely honest I was never a religious person before so I didn’t really care what people thought back then,” he added.