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Umer Sharif’s wife once again appeals govt to send him abroad for better treatment

Zareen Umer says we have not requested financial assistance from the government or any institution (Photo Online)

KARACHI: Pakistan’s legendary comedian Umer Sharif’s wife Zareen Umer has said that the government should take steps to send Umer Sharif to the US so he can undergo open-heart surgery.

Zareen Umer, the wife of legendary comedian Umer Sharif has appealed that we have not requested financial assistance from the government or any institution. “We are seeking help to get Umer Sharif’s visa approved as soon as possible,” she added.

According to her, each and every minute is important for Umer Sharif at the moment. “If he is not transferred to America, he will have to undergo open-heart surgery here, which could be harmful to him, she said.

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She said that Umer Sharif, who is suffering from a heart ailment, has not recovered and is undergoing treatment at a private hospital in Karachi. Mrs. Umer also maintained that she along with her husband will also need an air ambulance for him as his condition is not stable enough to travel in a normal flight.

The comedian has been ill for some time. Recently, a picture of him in a wheelchair went viral. Earlier, a video of Umer Sharif went viral on social media in which he is asking PM Imran Khan to help him in his treatment.

Sharif in his video said, “Doctors have said that I should go abroad for better treatment and according to them, I can get better treatment in the United States.”  He shared, “I helped Imran Khan build Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital.” He added, “Imran Khan, whenever you have done something, you have called me. I have always responded to your voice, so I am sure you will respond to my voice.”