TV, internet services to be suspended for two hours in Karachi

KARACHI: Cable Operators Association (COAP) has announced a two-hour symbolic strike in Karachi over the “high-handedness” of the K-Electric (KE).
According to Chairman Cable Operators Association Khalid Arain, the strike in the metropolis would be observed from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm today.
In a press conference Chairman COAP, Khalid Arain said that the association decided to block the cable and internet services all over the city for 2 hours today to protest against the cruel actions of K-Electric.
Khalid Arain further warned that if their demands are not fulfilled, they will extend the strike till tomorrow. Moreover, he said that COAP will stop their services all over the country if their demands are not met.
Giving details of the conflict with KE, Arain said the power utility had held cable operators responsible for the deaths caused during last year’s rains due to electrocution.
Cable and internet providers had denied this charge because the fiber optic cables used by them do not carry any current, he added.
On the basis of its allegations, the KE “illegally” started cutting off cable operators’ wires without any warning, Arain claimed.
He said cable operators were using electric poles to carry wires into people’s houses across the country, but only Karachi’s power utility had raised a complaint in this regard.
He said cable operators were not being notified by the K-Electric before dismantling of TV and internet connections, Arain said.
The cable operators urged the Pakistan Electronic Media Authority Regulatory Authority (Pemra), National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (Nepra) and leaders of the ruling PTI to intervene in the matter and stop KE from disconnecting their wires.
The KE had launched a large-scale operation to remove unauthorized cable TV and internet wires which are encroaching on KE poles throughout the metropolis.
According to their press statement during the operation, they removed several illegal cables and ‘kundas’ from its infrastructure in different areas of the city.
The power utility has been fully cooperating with investigations into the unfortunate incidents which occurred during the recent torrential rains in Karachi and is committed to taking remedial measures, it added.
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